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Data & AI, Data engineer

Sam joined onepoint in January 2022 as a Data Engineer. After graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor or Information Technology, Sam joined TAL in 2018 as an Information Technology Graduate. Over the next two years he would rotate across four different teams within TAL, gaining exposure to data engineering, architecture, cyber security and software development. For the subsequent two years, Sam continued at TAL as a Data Engineer working with different Data Applications and Platforms, as well as working as a Tech Lead on data initiatives.

Sam was born in Sydney, and aside from a 6-month university exchange semester in Copenhagen, he has called it home for all his life. In warmer months he enjoys going to the beach, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors, while in cooler months he enjoys hiking and skiing, although he has a lot of room to develop at the later. When the opportunity presents itself, Sam enjoys travelling and is looking forward to his next overseas holiday. Aside from enjoying the outdoors and travelling, in his spare time you will also find Sam volunteering as a fire fighter.

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Sam – “A board game café / bar”

A hidden talent?

Sam – “Good mechanical skills. Assuming I have the appropriate tools I’m happy to have a go at working on my motorbike or car, whilst also knowing when some tasks are probably out of my league.”

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Sam – Dedicated, Perceptive and Analytical

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