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NS BlueScope is part of BlueScope Steel Limited, one of the global leaders in the steel manufacturing. The company serves the building construction, manufacturing, and home appliance industries with innovative, high-quality coated and painted steel products across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia (ASEAN), and North America.

When Émilie Giraudet, current VP, Digital Program Management & Data Analytics, joined NS BlueScope, they were facing an issue regarding Salesforce adoption among the ASEAN sales teams: “Salesforce had been in place for over 10 years and some countries were quite active while others were hardly using it.”

To bridge the gap between the technology and the people, Émilie’s department wanted to do a maturity assessment to understand the challenges of the different sales teams and propose the right workshops to increase adoption subsequently.

Émilie was already in contact with onepoint, as it had been recommended by people from her network who had worked with us.

I met somebody who had engaged onepoint for a project across APAC. He told me a good story, a success story, and how good the collaboration with onepoint was. When I joined NS BlueScope to lead the digital team, I was new and didn’t have a team. I needed support from external partners, and that's when I reached out to onepoint.

The trust created thanks to the recommendation and the ongoing contact with several people at onepoint was essential for Émilie. “We were just having an open conversation about my project needs, and we saw there would be an opportunity. The approach was very open and flexible, and the offer was competitive. I think you were coming here to augment me, which I needed at that time.”

The assessment was conducted remotely and led by Norris Capsie, a consultant at onepoint who specialises in operational excellence and Lean methods. He and his team collected information and data from crucial users through an internal interview, a survey, and two collective thinking workshops on Klaxoon and Teams.

Regarding the workshops, Émilie points out that “it worked very well. We shared responsibilities with Norris, our Salesforce expert, and myself to conduct those workshops. Norris is very open and adapts to the different stakeholders, so he brought confidence and created an atmosphere where people felt safe to open up and share. Engagement was pretty high, I can tell you, based on my experience in the company, that people were committed, interested, and providing valuable input.” Norris is also a Klaxoon-certified expert and has published a comprehensive article on Klaxoon’s website, breaking down how he used the tool in the context of these workshops.

One of the aspects that Émilie highlights is onepoint’s co-creative approach: “As I was new in the organisation at the time, I was not fully clear on my expectations or how to drive things. So, co-creation was really useful, and I don’t think many vendors follow this approach, so that’s a perfect differentiating point for onepoint.” The assessment’s results were formalised in a strategic 6-month roadmap designed to increase Salesforce adoption rates. Although Émilie was on board with the roadmap, she wanted to start with a more tactical approach, with actions that the digital team could do. As a result of her feedback, the team suggested a few quick wins to kickstart the process. “This is something that we managed to implement,” says Émilie, “and this was another very positive quality of onepoint that you were able to adjust your proposal.”

Our successful collaboration was essential when, later, NS BlueScope implemented Power BI, and Émilie again needed a partner to define a change management roadmap. “Power BI was still quite new to us, the objective was similar, and onepoint already knew our organisation through the first assessment, so I thought they could come up with a good recommendation for the second project. When you work with somebody who delivers, you limit risks on the next project.” For this assignment, onepoint provided recommendations on the Power BI ecosystem consisting of training programs, support systems, change management, and data governance. “Onepoint helped us to have a proper assessment of the problems and to prioritise things so that we could understand where to focus and how to utilise best the limited resources we have in the organisation.”

After collaborating with onepoint in these two projects, Émilie values the “really close partnership, and this is why onepoint is among our preferred vendors, and we keep asking them to tender on our projects. I felt that we were one team working on this versus having consultants doing their work and then leaving.”

Onepoint means good people to work with, professionalism, a collaborative approach, a competitive price, and good quality of delivery.

Key achievements

  • +20% increase in Salesforce adoption