Automate Azure Events with an Event Grid

Some events in Azure require a notification to different teams. It could be about a secret that already expired – a new version of a key or others… Azure simplified this process by integrating resources with an Event Grid – that can subscribe to any event happening and trigger an endpoint, such as an Azure Function or another solution. In this short summary, you will learn how to integrate your resources with an Azure Event Grid to monitor key information or automate processes.


Automating an Event – A simple example

We will use a simple example to automate notifications coming from an Azure Key Vault. In this example we will monitor secrets that are nearing expiry. Other examples could be to receive a notification if a new version of a secret occurs.

Please be aware this example is for illustrative purposes. We recommend selecting the right authentication method – such as managed identity – to minimise the maintenance of secrets and keys in your key vault.



Written by Hugo Correcher – DevOps

Automate Azure Events