Our insights

  • What does the subscription business model promise – 2022?


    Among all the existing business models, the customer subscription model is certainly one of the most sought after

    Date de publication : 10.11 2022

    Temps de lecture estimé :  18 min

  • Industry 4.0: all mobilised for continuous improvement

    Biz Trends

    The Internet of Things optimises industry operations while also providing  financial benefits.. But what about employees working in this industry?

    Date de publication : 02.07 2021

    Temps de lecture estimé :  2 min

  • Enhancing client communication

    Biz Talks

    Written customer communication is often complex and inappropriate: companies are becoming more  aware of this new challenge.

    Date de publication : 02.07 2021

    Temps de lecture estimé :  3 min

  • Sustainable & green buildings

    Biz Talks

    Designing green and sustainable buildings, to serve and meet the needs of all their users.

    Date de publication : 15.06 2021

    Temps de lecture estimé :  5 min

  • Hybridising remote & presence: a new work experience

    Biz Trends

    The current crisis has accelerated our expectations at work: more flexibility, personalisation & personal development.

    Date de publication : 30.04 2021

    Temps de lecture estimé :  6 min