Enhancing client communication

Written customer communication is often complex and inappropriate: companies are becoming more  aware of this new challenge. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) projects are therefore concerned with this content being sent to customers, in terms of both the content and the medium. Due to its multidisciplinary skills and its 360-degree vision, onepoint supports many companies facing these new challenges.

A poor customer experience leads to  revenue loss

According to the ‘Experience is everything. Get it right’ study , 1 in 3 customers stop buying products from the business after just one  bad customer relationship experience with the company. Moreover, according to another TARP (Technical Assistance Research Programs) study only 1 in 26 customers will complain; ).other customers remain silent and prefer to directly change supplier.  Companies have recently invested heavily in digitalising customer service   experience, with the aim of increasing efficiency and profitability: online subscription, electronic signature, email automation, mass emailing, sending group SMS etc. However, they neglect the customers’ long-term support following the formation of the contractual relationship (management of claims, invoices, notice of due date, termination, etc.), therefore undermining the customer experience. Customer communication in companies has become complex and leads to misunderstandings from customers; this undermines consumer satisfaction. At onepoint, we help companies create the right content without disrupting the user journey, to optimise the customer experience.

You can no longer think of customer satisfaction without thinking about your customer communication. The challenge is to provide the right information at the right time, using the right channel, which will allow the entire customer journey to be completed.

Erwan Le Bronec, partner at onepoint.

A study conducted by onepoint reveals that 30% of customers’ calls to customer services are linked to poor understanding of the written customer communication. Businesses are realising that outbound communication is their “Achilles’ heel.” Therefore they want to simplify their customer management communication (emails, SMS, letters and fax). Optimised customer satisfaction means less time  required for employees to manage complaints, and allows productivity to increase. This additional time can be devoted to personalised customer advice, which allows customer retention rates to improve, and turnover and average basket size to further increase.. Therefore all stakeholders – companies, customers and employees – are  winners.

The key to successful written communication

According to a 2019 Kantar customer relationship study, 65% of customers expect improvements in the tone and quality of written communication they receive from brands. The same survey shows that 7 out of 10 French want to be recognised and understood throughout their interactions with the brand. Companies’ end customers therefore want a simple, clear and tailored communication which is not only adapted to their situation and specific problems,  but is also provided through a preferred channel. Transforming numerous written customer communication models can be time consuming and complex. Legal constraints in particular must be taken into account: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the right of withdrawal, mandatory legal notices, etc.

CCM (Customer Communication Management) facilitates customer communication

Onepoint has developed a strong expertise around CCM challenges. We rely on strong internal skills in dematerialisation, document management, archiving, and customer communication management, historically called desktop publishing.

This expertise is available to the communication and marketing departments of major accounts, in various sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, etc. Our 360-degree vision allows us to support both business departments in overhauling their content, and ISDs (Information Systems Departments) in implementing solutions and architectures intended to handle with all these contents.

Our strength is our complementarity teams, comprised of experts in ECM (Enterprise Content Management), communication, digital transformation and change management. In order to identify priority projects aiming to redesign communication documents, onepoint uses its own methodology and offers a fourweek on-site support “Diagflash written communication”. A multidisciplinary working group (marketing, communication, business and CIO) has also been set up within the company to tailor rules with the best practices to undertake, so that content clarity is maximised. Furthermore, the ideal approach for customer communication is built upon key communication needs and new innovative communication processes.

The technological platforms used are those used  the market (OpenText, Quadient, Sefas, Compart, etc.). However, we can further develop our communication systems  to tailor them  to our customers’ needs.

While redesigning customer communication implies restructuring roles and positions, it is important not to neglect technological aspects. Technological foundations must be strong, efficient and secure. It must allow an intense and quick customisation process with  a multitude of data, often multilingual. From a commercial perspective, challenges involve language and semantics, especially with AI and automatic language processing (ALP). We also surround ourselves with customer relationship experts to better meet customer challenges.

Our target is content sustainability: establishing a continuous improvement process, by adapting to new methods of communication. This will preserve customer satisfaction over time.

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