We are the transformation architects beyond the obvious.

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Our identity

Onepoint uniquely combines technology and human insights to deliver successful digital transformation.

Our mission

Building new ways of working based on a sustainable use of digital technologies.

Our structure

We support global transformation by transforming the way we work.

Our spaces

Our innovative and collaborative workplaces express onepoint's DNA.

Our leadership

The breadth and depth of our people offer a diverse set of advisory and delivery expertise.

Our  expertise

UX/UI Design

We implement an empathetic altruistic and creative human centred design. We work to touch the hearts of people with an emotionally singular experience

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Digital Experience

We leverage digital technology to create rich and seamless physical to digital experiences.

Operational Excellence

We drive sustainable operational excellence through collective intelligence. We nurture a culture of continuous improvement.


We architect sustainable and API enabled systems, leveraging the best of tech for business and reducing the overall complexity.

Software engineering

We believe in craftsmanship in coding, delivering cloud ready applications. We use technology best practices to industrialise software engineering.

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We use collective intelligence to dig deep and uncover the real problems to be solved. We then work to accelerate innovation to address these problems

People Transformation

We co-create the environments needed to engage employees establishing trust and positive culture in order to land change.

Our  industries

Energy & Utilities

While energy production is moving fast to reduce its externalities, retail players are transforming.

Market Finance

Against a backdrop of falling interest rates and strong regulatory constraints, faced with competition from "shadow banking", are market finance playe


Banks are facing multiple challenges, from a low interest rate environment to the emergence of native digital players.

Assurance IARD

Property & Casualty Insurance

With a significantly increased environmental risk and a changing distribution landscape, insurers are re-inventing their operating model.

Les leviers de transformation du monde de la santé


Through secure and efficient collection and use of health data, health providers create personalised “beyond the pill” services.

Real Estate

As the pandemic changed the fabric of our physical interactions, the purpose of offices is being re-imagined as places to connect.

Food & Beverage

As factories adopt Industry 4.0 capabilities, the downstream activities must win the confidence of consumers and augment their knowledge.

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Vignette livre blanc IA gen FS&I

Generative AI for FS&I Industry

Finance department and generative AI : A technological and human transformation

industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: all mobilised for continuous improvement

The Internet of Things optimises industry operations while also providing financial benefits... But what about employees working in this industry?

Client communication

Enhancing client communication

Written customer communication is often complex and inappropriate: companies are becoming more  aware of this new challenge.

Sustainable & green buildings

Designing green and sustainable buildings, to serve and meet the needs of all their users.

Hybridising remote & presence: a new work experience

The current crisis has accelerated our expectations at work: more flexibility, personalisation & personal development.

onepoint’s managerial authenticity

While many relevant theses have emerged about the "new normal", it is clear that the dominant thought is that we must think differently.

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