Our industries


Banks are facing multiple challenges, from a low interest rate environment to the emergence of native digital players. To stay in control of their own transformation, they quickly pull new levers such as self-care and personalised pricing.


With a significantly increased environmental risk and a changing distribution landscape, insurers are re-inventing their operating model, using AI as a formidable tool to rationalise costs and improve customer experience.


While energy production is moving fast to reduce its externalities, retail players are transforming to become full-service providers and advise consumers and companies in their energy consumption.


Through secure and efficient collection and use of health data, health providers create personalised “beyond the pill” services that complement medication and improve the patient experience.


From physical to digital and back to physical, commerce is becoming unified. Shopper experience is made seamless across all channels and extended through market places where the brand positioning is paramount.

Real Estate

As the pandemic changed the fabric of our physical interactions, the purpose of offices is being re-imagined as places to connect (versus places to work). The shopping malls are also re-inventing to become data centric organisations attracting customers to unique ‘phygital’ experiences.


As factories adopt Industry 4.0 capabilities, the downstream activities must win the confidence of consumers through traceability and augment customer knowledge through better data enablement of the ecosystem.