Our identity

Onepoint is a unique player, combining technology with human insight to help its customers succeed in their digital transformation.

Our key numbers

2900 employees

33 years old on average

14 offices across the world

400 million euros turnover

Our 5

guiding values


We are authentic because we endeavour to avoid discrepancies between what we say we are and what we actually are, between the values we hold and the way we put them into practice. Because we mean what we say, because we are sincere in our human relations, because believing in technology essentially means believing in human beings and in the inherent truth in their encounters.


Onepoint is a company with a global outlook, open to society and the dynamic ecosystem of large corporations, public administrations, businesses of excellence, and startups. It is also promotes transparency in the workplace since there are no boundaries between our communities, making it simple for everyone to develop different skills or to develop in different industrial sectors or regions. Last but not least, it is open to the individual, to others: it is a company where differences are seen as assets.


Attention to elegance, translated into making good choices, is our guiding principle. Elegance is visible in our relationships with customers, colleagues and partners, in our attitude, in the products we make, and in the services we deliver. It is also reflected in our relationship to beauty and to different cultures, in our constant, keen interest in others and their circumstances.


Commitment is that inner voice that pushes us to deliver more than we have promised. It is what tells us that we can always rely on one another and that our word is more binding than a contract. In short, it is what guarantees the quality of the projects that we undertake.


We have the courage of our convictions and ideas, the courage to present groundbreaking solutions. Collectively, we have the courage to change the way we think, to challenge, listen to, and express ourselves, and to take responsibility for our decisions. Whenever we come across a difficulty, we prove that we are resilient. Individually, we have the courage to question ourselves, overcome any obstacle, start again, give our opinion, and develop our expertise.

A few key dates


Foundation of onepoint by David Layani.


New offices in Canada and the USA.


New office in Tunisia.


Creation of technology centres of excellence in Bordeaux and Nantes in France.


Acquisition of OTC Conseil.


Opening of our offices in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Nertherlands.
Acquisition of Vision IT.


Opening of the Paris headquarters at the Trocadero.
Acquisition of Natéa consulting and EMS. Majority stake in Trixir.


Acquisition of Geronimo. New office in Toulouse, France.


Acquisition of Weave consulting. Opening of our offices in Lyon.


Opening of our offices in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) and Singapore.


Acquisition of Timwi Consulting, JBG Consultants and Nexworld.
Opening of new offices in Nantes, France.


Opening of our offices in Aix-en-Provence


Opening of the "Jardin de l'ars" a 20 000 sqm2 campus in Bordeaux, France.