06 May 2020


Beyond. Moving Digital exposes, us all to more daily cyber threats addressed through cybersecurity

In response to the health crisis – the first case of which was diagnosed in China on 17th November 2019 – the watchword in France, many other European countries, and around the world has been the same: lockdown.

However, that decision has had a huge impact on the French and global economies by limiting physical meeting between people. The majority of wordker have been forced to work remotely and have become dependent upon their digital devices to communicate.

The multiplication of remote access and increased dependance on digital devices has created new risks in terms of cybersecurity. Workers can no longer talk to one another, creating more situations where they may be vulnerable to phishing compaigns hiding behind malicious links. Not, forgetting the sense of ermergency which may present a risk for the business, when new connections to unsecrued private networks enable access to its servers…

Finally, lockdown has empahsised the consequences of a cyber attack on an organisation deprived of a number of its digital tools, which could make it impossible to conduct its business.

The appareance of these new cyber risks proves that business today are not in a position to respond effectively to the crisis we are experiencing, and this is putting a strain on a current cybersecurity strategies. While specialist teams know how to manage security risk, users are only vaguely aware of these challenges; they are the one the cyber attackers exploit to reach their goal, and this is an even more effective strategy in the current situation.

For its part, onepoint has chosen the model of an innovative and flexible organisation which, on the one hand, has allowed it todeal with this pandemic and further its crisis organisation. On the other hand, it has closely supported its customers and partners whose business is vital, by promoting their resilience, optimising their adaptability in the face of crises, and improving their security strategies. In particular, onepoint has worked hard with its workers to make them aware of cybersecurity issues and guarantee a very high level of training. To this end, onepoint has developed a serious game – “Cybershield” – to make its users aware of best practice in cybersecurity and to get them involved so that they can become a human firewall.

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