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Alban Humeau

Functional Project Manager

Alone we go faster, together we go further

At onepoint since 2009, I appreciate the working atmosphere.

Alban’s experience

I am a graduate of the École d’ingénieurs en informatique (ESAIP in Angers). I joined onepoint in 2009 as a development engineer, then I was given the opportunity to diversify my activities by taking charge of project management and training in agility.

Today at onepoint, I work on web application development projects.

What are the projects or challenges in which you take the most pride?

Alban – The application created for EDF, with a team satisfied with its work and a customer delighted by the product.

What is your highest professional quality?

Alban – Ability to keep a cool head.

Explain your job to us?

Alban – We are in charge of creating/repairing applications that simplify our customers’ daily lives.

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