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Céline Repoux

Confirmed Consultant Communication

Everything is possible to anyone who dares, dream, work and never give up

At onepoint since 2017, I appreciate the spirit: young, entrepreneurial, humble and confident

Celine’s experience

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in “Organizational and Market Sciences” in Dauphine and a Master’s degree in “Marketing & Communication” at CELSA. I then worked for 3 and a half years as a communication and marketing manager in large French companies.

Today at onepoint, in the Marketing & Communication community, I help Technology Departments to reveal their value and shine within their organization. I work on communication, marketing, innovation and training projects.

The sentence you say all the time at work?

Céline – Let’s be pragmatic

What is your highest professional quality?

Céline – Benevolence

What is the most constructive criticism we’ve ever had to make of you?

Céline – You have the potential: dare to express it and it’s a boulevard waiting for you

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