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Thiago Moreira Da Costa

Solution Architect Leader

The most profound technologies are those that disappear

At onepoint since 2017, I appreciate the authenticity and possibilities of creating

Thiago’s experience

I have a PhD in Computer Science (IoT, DataScience). I have 10 years of international experience in software development and integration, system architecture, project management, security standards compliance, and project management in various sectors of activity.

Today at onepoint, I help with project management and the development of innovative solutions for our clients in the public sector and in the retail sector. My experience brings a unique perspective on the technological challenges of today and tomorrow.

How was your typical day?

Thiago – Coffee, calendar, email, calls, documentation, meetings, deployments, and coffee.

What is the most constructive criticism we’ve ever had to make of you?

Thiago – Express yourself

The sentence you say all the time at work?

Thiago – It’s difficult, but not impossible.

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