Property & Casualty Insurance

Faced with environmental, technological, societal and distribution challenges, all the players in the sector are mobilising and transforming themselves, but without really rethinking their model.

These fast-paced transformations require an enlightened vision of the technological tools but also the talent to educate, lead and carry out the related projects.

For the majority of players, understanding customer needs is now better understood, even if it remains a marketing tool and not yet a lever to be implemented throughout the value chain, particularly in management. Coupled with a technical mastery focused on AI and constant work to rationalize costs, the customer experience remains central in the thoughts of managers.

Our references


Development of a new vision of the agency model for a property insurance player

Context and need

In a context of shrinking physical distribution networks, our client wants to reposition the agency at the heart of its development and rethink its value proposition.


A diagnosis of the network that couples a quantitative analysis to a field analysis. Through customer workshops, some twenty levers have been identified to increase the value delivered in the branches.


A Distribution Department with a new vision of the branch model, aligned with General Management and translated into an operational transformation plan.



Assistance in renewing an insurer's offers

Context and need

BPCE Assurances, the property and casualty insurer of the Caisses d'Epargne, wants to become a fully-fledged insurer, renew its offers and distribute them to the Group's two networks from 2020.


Through a wide-ranging system, strategic management of the Programme (from framing to deployment), and contributions in the definition of solutions: offers, business model, deployment.


A 3-year programme in which the quality of the support and solutions provided to the Networks was highlighted.



Reinforcement of project management for an insurance

Context and need

An Organization Department has been created in order to strengthen project management and foster the emergence of a results-based culture in project management.


Three main lines of action :

Consolidation of the current project portfolio,

Building a portfolio of forward-looking 2020 projects

The development of a project methodology and the design of the associated governance.


A new project governance system has been adapted and implemented, structured arbitration scenarios have been put in place, teams have been mobilized and the cluster is strongly committed to the approach of the new Organization Department.


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