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Frank Poireau

Business Consultant

You never swim twice in the same river.


At onepoint since 2016, I appreciate the living laboratory of the liberated company.

Frank’s experience

I studied organizational management and technical communication.
I have had various professional experiences in software publishing, information dematerialization and organizational transformation.

Today at onepoint, I work on Intranet projects, collaborative platforms and business applications based on SharePoint, Teams and Office 365.

The sentence you say all the time at work?

Frank – “First Adopt, then Adapt” for the solutions I design with my clients.

What are the projects or challenges in which you take the most pride?

Frank – Reduce the hardship in the sphere of office automation work, from the Ministry of National Education in France to the most powerful bank in Luxembourg.

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Frank – A training centre in SharePoint, Ms Teams and Office 365 for all-inclusive beachside training on Menorca.

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