Our mission

Onepoint are the transformation architects beyond the obvious. Architecting enterprise transformation across companies and public agencies.

Guiding its clients from the definition of the strategic vision to its technology implementation. “Beyond the obvious” is the company’s signature, which reflects its commitment to create new ways of working, new spaces, and new economic models.

Onepoint’s innovative ecosystem and model of entrepreneurship allow talent and creativity to thrive. When we advocate for new ways of working, we implement them within our organization and draw lessons for our customers.

Comparing the opinions of experts from diverse domains, including software developers, enterprise architects, data and artificial intelligence specialists, designers, business strategists, philosophers and sociologists, onepoint defines and implements the right solutions, along with best practice governance to push forward the innovation and competitiveness of its customers.

Onepoint’s purpose is to transform its customers through the co-construction of new models that are digital savvy and sustainable.

Given our flat and frictionless organizational structure, we are able to mobilize our tribes of experts to establish a diverse portfolio of solutions to meet the cross functional initiatives needed for any successful transformation journey.

David Layani


Our CEO upholds the values of onepoint

When I created my company 15 years ago, I was driven by some strong intuitions. I realised very early on that, to be capable of fully supporting businesses and public administrations throughout their digital transformation journey, onepoint itself needed to become a laboratory of the agile, digital company, capable of attracting and retaining talents with the know-how to offer cutting-edge expertise to our customers.

Onepoint’s sustained growth has nurtured its ambition of becoming a European market leader, but such growth wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t an open, curious, kind, and committed organisation, able to attract and retain the best experts, or if our customers hadn’t adhered to onepoint’s highly original value proposition. The positive impact of our innovative approach to digital transformation on their performance has been instrumental in building long-lasting and trustworthy customer relationships.

Our vision

More tech

Onepoint strengthens its customers' expertise in different technologies by enabling them to understand and assess their impact on existing models as well as to seize and make the most of new opportunities

More human

Digital transformation is only successful if the whole company embraces it. Onepoint makes the transformation process meaningful

For business

Onepoint ensure that digital transformation is always at the service of its customers' competitiveness and performance.