In Technological Transformations impacting more and more organizations and States, the architect has a crucial role to play in order to lay the foundations of a new world that is more innovative, more agile and more technological.

Beyond their role as a transmission belt to move from strategy to implementation, the architect is the guarantor of technological complexity with the design of innovative architectures while ensuring the Tech For Business relevance of these new solutions.

At onepoint, we see the architect as an adventurous person, cultivating a taste for discovery, recognized by their peers for their knowledge of technological market trends, responsible with a great sense of service, and autonomous in thier missions and the themes they deals with. They are a guarantor of technological complexity.

Our offers

Architectural design and conception

Always aware of the latest technological trends, our architects are involved in the construction of the great architectures of tomorrow.

Study of the existing situation and IS diagnosis

The analysis allows you to identify pain points, business use cases, define an architecture target and an implementation roadmap.

Architecture Service Centers

The notion of devices is an integral part of our DNA, the quality of delivery and the partnership relationship are paramount.

IS Agilization

IS Agilization is at the crossroads of development and infrastructure, towards more modular systems that can be deployed more rapidly.

Cloud Transformation

A sharp expertise in Cloud technologies in order to best serve our customers, from the definition of a Cloud strategy to the operational implementation.

Change management

Facilitation of seminars and acculturation to technology, custom training, or the creation of technology labs.

Our references


Support for the technical expertise service centre of a state-owned bank

Context and need

In order to meet the challenges of massification and the provision of expertise on a wide range of technologies (Java, .Net, MVS, DBMS, BigData, Cloud, etc.), the bank is looking for a partner of choice to support them in all these areas.


Onepoint has been operating since 2014 with a multi-expertise Service Centre (solution architecture, application architecture, enterprise architecture) providing project management assistance for projects led by the Bank's IT department.


We have realised architectural designs in build and run for all the business departments: design of the internal Cloud architecture (Kubernetes, Openshift), definition of the strategy and management of the Move to Cloud and Datalake, animation of seminars.



Reinforcement of fraud detection for a retail bank

Context and need

Assistance to the Bank in the implementation of a generic brick allowing the detection of different fraud schemes.


This block must respond to heterogeneous solicitations (real time, delayed, synchronous, asynchronous).


Improvement of the Bank's image in view of the accuracy of the fraud detection models with: detection of fraud on transfers in less than 100ms, integration of the results of the analyses for the reinforcement of the ML models, or implementation of a DataOps pipeline.


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