Digital Experience

Since Man has been interacting, his exchanges have previously gone through three phases of value creation: the exchange of Commodities has been the alpha and the Omega for millennia (which had the best “Production”), then the exchange of Goods from the 1st industrial revolution (which produced at the best “Cost”), then the Service economy in the middle of the 20th century (marked by the necessary “Quality”).

Over the last 10 years, history has accelerated and the rules of the game have changed: we are buried deep in the era of Experience

At the same time, Digital has entered our lives and changed the rules. Digital has become the best ally, the most effective accelerator of Experience. The Digital Experience consolidates and enriches the physical experience, they have become totally inseparable... from the customer's point of view. In this sense, the Digital Experience is a tremendous opportunity that companies must seize to energize growth strategies that are otherwise difficult to find

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Digital Strategy

The ability of the organization to generate innovation, thanks to the digitalization of business processes, change management and digital acculturation

Digital Business

The "financial performance" approach to value creation enabled by digital: Digital Strategy, Business Model and Business Plan

Digital Factory

Onepoint's Digital Factory (a working method that brings together methods, processes, tools, human resources and management) enables organisations to accelerate their time to market.

Digital Marketing

The operational levers for winning customers, organised around the triptych Acquisition - conversion - loyalty

Customer Experience

Systemic analysis of customer knowledge through customer paths and life cycles

Smart Data

Valuation of customer data, data exploitation and data visualization

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Digital Experience

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