Reinventing: Innovation requires creativity, audacity and thinking outside the box. We believe in the power of collective intelligence to move lines with meaning and responsibility.

Value: To innovate is first and foremost to put ourselves at the service of our users and solve their problems.

Positively: It is about designing solutions with truly positive consequences for people, territories and the planet.

Innovation is often limited to the creation of new products or services. Its scope is much broader and can affect all areas of the business, including HR. This is why we bring together 3 types of expertise within our innovation teams: consulting, design and coaching.

Our offers

Strategy design and foresight

Through methods of design fiction and foresight, we help you to identify your future changes, to imagine your future and give meaning to your vision.

Structuring innovation

We design organisations that are more agile and empowering: new working methods and management methods based on collective intelligence.

Design products, services and experiences

We study the needs and habits of users in order to propose new services and adapted products, as well as the associated business models.

Space design

We fit out new premises (offices, innovation labs, start-up residences): observation of occupying uses and the evolution of working methods.

We support the definition of a suitable innovation strategy, from the launch of a new laboratory to the construction of an Innovation Roadmap.

Start-up studio

We invite entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, we coach them to optimize their chances of success and accompany the creation of their start-up.

Our references


Support of a global organization dedicated to the exploitation of cutting-edge technologies

Context and need

Autonomous transport, smart city. Numerous start-ups today pride themselves on their Deeptech expertise and their ability to meet the challenges of the planet. However, the long and complex marketing of these technologies makes it necessary to take into account the long-term impact of their innovations.


Realization of a Design Fiction exercise.

Creation of a fictitious Deeptech for the 5th edition of the Enterprise Summit.

Animation of a debate around the dangers of air pollution to imagine solutions with a positive impact.


#350 experts sensitized.

#20 solutions imagined.

Elected favourite of the event.



Design thinking approach with the leading European insurer

Context and need

Each year launching a promotion of intrapreneurs selected on the basis of an idea and whose mission, within 6 months, is to launch a prototype solution. These teams need both to learn new methods and to be challenged on their first intuitions.


Design of a personalized team coaching program.

Initiation to design thinking.

Workshops on user needs mapping, definition of the value proposition, competitor studies, solutions...

Specific accompaniment on the UX and IU of the solution.


A first start-up officially launched with a functional service and first results.

A second start-up in the process of being launched.

A total of 120 employees have been supported across the board.



Management support for a player in the energy, digital and industrial transition

Context and need

In mid-2015, Launch of a strategic review of the company's future over the next five years. The project was launched with employees at the beginning of 2016 and is reflected in a customer-centric vision and a reorganisation based on new values.


Accompaniment of the management in the elaboration of the new strategy (+White Paper).

Mobilization of employees around the new vision of the group (collective intelligence seminars).

Training of 60 internal change agents on the facilitation of collaborative seminars.


#8000 employees involved in the seminars.

A guide to management tools constantly enriched by employees (80 different tools to date) and made available to the entire company.


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