Operational Excellence

Controlling or drastically reducing operating costs to take a step forward and freeing up capacity leeway to ensure profitable development are two operational levers to be combined for greater performance.

Strengthening management’s ability to orchestrate such changes is essential. And to become champions in agility and flexibility, developing the unfailing commitment of employees is the key to sustainable performance.

Operational Excellence supports the ambitions of strategic plans through an extremely pragmatic approach. We monitor Safety, Productivity, Non-quality, and Cycle time indicators to achieve the company's objectives. Senior management needs to be trained in proven methods and coached so that they can transfer this knowledge to the operational teams: inexpensive ideas rather than over-investment.

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Lean Process

Fighting loss of value. The LEAN tools used by our teams allow significant and continuous improvements in performance to be achieved rapidly.

Lean Transformation

Exploit all facets of Performance Management, right down to Management performance, to set the company on a path of sustainable growth.

Lean Management

Developing new managerial behaviours such as intolerance to discrepancies and transforming them into management practices is necessary to sustain the transformation.

Smart Leader

Acquire the reflexes that allow you to reap the full benefits through team commitment: the blameless approach, systematic questioning, etc.

Our references


Operational Excellence approach for a group of private clinics and hospitals

Context and need

Faced with a turnover constrained by pricing policies, the operational efficiency of clinics is a major challenge to guarantee a company's sustainability. The deployment of new processes by the Group is no longer sufficient to resolve the many dysfunctions locally.


Implementing in each clinic the virtues of Operational Excellence to solve the many problems the establishment is facing. The Operational Excellence tools and the involvement of the managers allows to increase the volume of activity while controlling costs.


13 establishments launched in one year, with 124 managers and 600 employees involved in the improvement projects. More than 60 improvement projects with demonstrated financial gains.

A very positive feeling on the evolution of managerial behaviour following a survey carried out.



Optimizing the use of production means for a global player in semiconductor production

In order to remain one of the world leaders in the semiconductor industry, investments are important. An Operational Excellence approach allows us to optimise the use of production resources by limiting investments and to change the culture by listening carefully to the needs of the field.

Apply Lean tools to achieve concrete progress quickly and make the client autonomous, changing managerial behaviour and, ultimately, culture. Taking a step back, letting go, guaranteeing the sustainability of actions, all subjects worked on with management.

15 trained and autonomous methodological referents to cover all methodological needs, more than 90 managers trained in new behaviours using an innovative training kit, a hundred or so 3- to 6-month projects carried out to solve performance problems.



Optimization of branch operations for a logistics company

Context and need

When deploying projects aimed at performance gains, it becomes essential to optimise the functioning of the branches. Reinforcing the culture of high standards among managers and operational staff should lead to economic gains to strengthen the company's growth.


We recommended the structuring and deployment of an Operational Excellence approach through the continuous improvement of existing processes and a bottom-up approach to involve all employees.


A deployment in stages training and coaching internal relays to accelerate the anchoring of new practices:

A demonstrated ROI of less than one year in the majority of agencies.

An increase in employee satisfaction.

New working standards that are sustainable.


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Operational Excellence

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