People Transformation

Employee engagement has become the ultimate competitive advantage. It enables us to reap the full benefits of the immense energy that our clients invest in defining their strategic visions, in mobilising their leaders and in optimising the conditions for executing their transformations (organisation, skills, IS, etc.).

How can we develop this commitment and make it live on over the long term?

Our response is twofold, alongside general management, operational management and HR departments: (1) We are reinventing the employer promise by identifying, prototyping & deploying the levers that enable us to anticipate with empathy, make complexity intelligible, involve those who are experiencing change and help them to develop their skills to make the transformations a success. (2) We imagine exceptional work experiences and help our clients to become employers of reference, capable of attracting, recruiting and developing the talent that makes their performance.

Our offers

HR Efficiency​

With the HR department as the artisan of employee experience, we design innovative HR policies, allowing for greater operational efficiency & leveraging data

Talent Boost​

Execute business strategies by aligning skills & talent, leveraging data, building acquisition, retention, development and recognition plans

Smart Leader​

Culture is the major factor in building loyalty: we build cultural transformation programs that change postures.

People Experience​

Improving engagement by piloting change management strategies based on the levers of mobilization, learning, communication and monitoring

"New Ways of Working"

The world of work is undergoing a revolution: reorganization of spaces, acceleration of collaboration or innovation in terms of organization and practices. We define, experiment and deploy these new ways of working

Our references


Evolution of the commercial organisation for a social and patrimonial protection organisation

Context and need

In search of improving its operational efficiency, AG2R La Mondiale wants to develop its sales organization.


We have built change management tools to help teams in the regions evolve towards a multi-business approach; and we have supported the Human Resources Department in building levers to promote this evolution (social strategy, people review, skills & learning strategy, HR management).


A new organization set up without social opposition. Clearly improved commercial results. A new dynamic in the group allowing future mergers.



Deployment of a new organisation within a European space launcher leader

Context and need

Transformation Department : As part of the agile transformation of the group, need to change mindsets.


We have built a managerial community in charge of deploying the new organisation: to provide agile experiences and analyse the impacts by division, then equip them to act as relays. Rigorous management guaranteed its operational execution.


A new organization set up without any opposition. A network of internal facilitators (Black belt + change) in working order to bring about new transformations.



Rebranding of many business lines for a multi-service operator: banking, insurance, etc.

Context and need

Human Resources Department: The Group's strategic development requires new skills and a need to reposition many businesses that are experiencing a sharp decline in the number of employees.


The approach is based on three levers: a forward-looking approach to detect tomorrow's skills in all support sectors; the construction of a training policy adapted to these future needs; and the creation of an internal training school.


Sharing the professions and jobs of tomorrow through trend books. The implementation of a qualitative (GPEC) and quantitative roadmap equipped with PowerBI. The setting up of an internal school aimed at training 22,000 employees.


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People Transformation

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