Private banks and savings players are undergoing a number of changes: between an increasingly restrictive and costly regulatory framework, profits under pressure in the face of low interest rates and a disrupted market with the arrival of new digital players.

In order to remain actors of their transformation, they can activate different levers such as customer knowledge, value proposition, pricing policy or a ‘phygital’ operational model.

We work with our clients to implement solutions in several areas: freeing up commercial time thanks to optimised segmentation and selfcare, objectifying pricing via personalised offers and a real customer value proposition, optimising the operational model while opening up to the new business models of open banking.

Our references


Framing CRM and Compliance (KYC) issues for a major Private Bank in France

Context and need

As part of the operational transformation plan, our client wanted to frame the roadmap of the CRM and Compliance areas


A co-design with the business lines of a transformation trajectory and for each project, definition of the implementation plan by dividing up the needs via coherent half-yearly deliveries over 3 years


An operational and structured CRM transformation in 4 projects, subdivided into 15 batches over 3 years, federated around a common governance and projects implemented in compliance with the costs and deadlines defined in the trajectory thanks to a collective dynamic of the different players



Design and marketing of a life insurance product for a French Banking Network

Context and need

In order to relaunch its commercial dynamics around savings, our client wanted to design an innovative life insurance offer


Multidisciplinary support - strategic marketing, operational marketing, organisation/distribution, IS - allowing you to adopt an aggressive time-to-market in order to benefit from a market opportunity


Successful marketing of a pilot in 8 months, creating value for stakeholders (insurer, distributor, customers) and commercial success beyond expectations, with results demonstrating the total adequacy of the offer to the demand



Due diligence then integration (PMI) of a private bank into a major French group

Context and need

Within the framework of an external growth project, our client wanted to study the opportunity of an acquisition and secure its integration


Onepoint conducted a diagnostic that enabled us to assess the IT target (governance, coverage, outsourcing) and to define and then launch an operational integration trajectory


A detailed diagnosis carried out in 2 months and a roadmap of the SME's work that validated the acquisition opportunity, followed by an operational and IS model defined in 10 weeks, enabling the rapid generation of revenue and cost synergies


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  • Benoît Heitz

    Partner, Bank, Finance, Insurance, Link Up, Strat op