Distribution is going through a period of major crisis: supermarkets, specialised distribution, all the players are heavily impacted. Retail Apocalypse, long-term decline in consumption, there seems to be no shortage of reasons to worry about the coming years.

Against the backdrop of this prevailing pessimism, we are strongly convinced that a new era has begun, bringing with it a torrent of growth opportunities.

Global retailing is undeniably going through a deep crisis, and at the same time, for several years now, winning patterns and growth paths have been emerging, provided that we embrace the new rules of the game of this new era. Onepoint supports its retail clients from the redefinition of their business models to the operational implementation of growth levers across all corporate functions.

Our references


Global overhaul of a telephone operator's eCommerce platform

Context and need

In order to enhance its customer experience and optimise the transformation of sales processes, the operator has begun a global overhaul of its eCommerce platform, the brand's leading sales channel, with onepoint.


The different phases of the project allowed the company to tune the target digital experience, define the technical and functional architecture, ensure the design of the co-built experience (UX/UI, path and personae), and then ensure the delivery of the platform.


The actions undertaken have enabled the improvement of digital performance indicators, the personalisation of the service and content offer, the adaptation of the purchasing process to customer needs, and the improvement of the site's performance for an enriched digital experience.



Reinforcement of the Digital & omnichannel activity of a textile company

Context and need

As part of the deployment of its new business model, the textile company has initiated a transformation plan. Its new strategy requires the strengthening of the Digital & Omnicanale business as a new growth lever.


The onepoint teams led a participative approach mobilizing the COMEX and the company's digital team around 4 issues: The raison d'être and business models / Managerial Transformation / Digital Business / Organization of Information Systems.


Creation of the Acceleration Factory, gathering teams, tools, processes, methods and piloting to accelerate the ability to do omnichannel.

Design and implementation of the Digital Index (DI) measuring the quarterly performance of the digital business.



Optimization of the omnichannel platform of a Couture house

Context and need

Faced with the challenges of a fast-growing eCommerce and global business, the fashion house wanted onepoint to assist it in its strategic and operational thinking around its global platform.


Build the foundations of this information system, which must be agile, modular and scalable, capable of covering current business needs and facilitating the implementation of future ones.

Optimize the distribution of resources on the global roadmap by organized teams that are actors of change.


The mission carried out by onepoint with internal teams made it possible to define a new functional architecture for the model, produce an assessment of the maturity of the global eCommerce organisation (from IT to business lines) and improve the existing platform via a functional breakdown.


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